There are no shortcuts in healthcare construction. Whether it’s a surgery center or rehab facility, a new 200-bed urban health center or a rural critical access replacement hospital, healthcare projects demand the highest attention to detail. A perennially top-ranked healthcare builder, Hoar’s healthcare experts bring unrivaled experience to each job, coupled with a passion to serve and a natural ability to embrace challenges. Understanding their clients’ mission, they collaborate to deliver projects that are much more than simply buildings.

  • Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children

    Birmingham, AL

    The Benjamin Russell Hospital in Birmingham is the best children’s hospital in the state, one that families from across Alabama seek out times of crisis. The hospital needed a facility to match its incredible reputation, one that would […]

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  • Hendrick Medical Center

    Abilene, TX

    The Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, Texas, provides top-of-the-line healthcare services, from emergency care to cancer treatment to a pediatric ICU. When we expanded the facilities to include a new six-story patient […]

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  • NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital

    Jonesboro, AR

    Hard bid projects typically have extremely stringent budget and schedule requirements and the NEA Baptist Hospital project in Jonesboro, Arkansas is no exception. To provide the owner a quality product in the most […]

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  • Lakeway Regional Medical Center

    Lakeway, TX

    The hospital opened eight weeks early by implementing a number of acceleration techniques. Key subcontractors were selected well before CDs were complete and their design-assist support pushed planning further up […]

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  • West Florida Hospital

    Pensacola, FL

    Healthcare projects represent some of our toughest jobs. But building them, and building them to the highest caliber, also makes them some our most rewarding jobs – for us, our clients and the communities we serve […]

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  • Bay Medical Center

    Panama City, FL

    On the Bay Medical Center project, BIM allowed us to locate a structural steel design problem early on in the process, enabling us to resolve the issue long before the steel entered the production line or was even delivered to the […]

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  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Cypress

    Cypress, TX

    On HealthSouth Cypress, fortunately, the structural and civil packages were awarded early accelerating the overall project schedule. Structural steel detailing was released before Christmas, which allowed the steel contractor […]

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  • River Oaks Medical Center

    Houston, TX

    At River Oaks Medical Center, as-built drawings did not reflect the existing conditions. In some places, information was so inaccurate that major mechanical chases were not accounted for. Hoar hired a consultant to […]

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  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala

    Ocala, FL

    After completing a successful project for HealthSouth in Cypress, Texas using accelerated scheduling procedures, the owner requested the same team repeat that success on another project in Ocala, Florida. We were honored to do […]

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  • Crestwood Medical Center

    Huntsville, AL

    As Hoar Construction and the owner worked through the preconstruction process on Crestwood Medical Center, we identified a number of challenges. For example, the ICU had to remain functional while building a three-story […]

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  • Thomas Hospital

    Fairhope, AL

    As the hospital of choice for Fairhope, AL and Baldwin County, Thomas Hospital needed to expand to continue their leadership role in the local healthcare community. Realizing the need for additional patient beds […]

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  • St. Francis Hospital

    Bartlett, TN

    To accomplish the desired renovations to the Admitting and Emergency Departments, the first in 28 years, while it remained fully operational, Hoar approached this project in phases. The main entrance of the hospital […]

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  • Carolinas Rehabilitation Hospital

    Belmont, NC

    Hoar selected BIM-enabled subcontractors and guided them through the process of taking the Schematic Design model and developing it to Construction Document level, before the design team re-incorporated it […]

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  • St. Vincent’s St. Clair Hospital

    Pell City, AL

    At the outset of this 40-bed rural replacement hospital, the Health Care Authority made emphatically clear that NO cost could be added to the project. With this direction, we worked with the design team and owner to generate […]

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  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

    Littleton, CO

    The Front Range area of Denver has a tremendous amount of expansive soils know as bentonite, a soil that contains a high percentage of clay that can absorb vast quantities of water. This can cause the soil to expand […]

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