Aspire Gulch Set to Become One of Nashville’s Largest Multi-Family High Rises

Sep 15, 2020 | News

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a large urban project located in one of Nashville’s trendiest neighborhoods. A new multi-family housing complex in the Gulch — an area that went from dying to thriving.

Hoar Construction started bidding for the site and interviewing in June of 2019.

A year later, two buildings are gone to make room for one, Aspire Gulch, a 360 unit, 10-story apartment community adjacent to I-40 on Division Street.

“I think it’s going to bring a lot to the area, it’s continuing to grow,” said Todd Powlas, Senior Superintendent at Hoar Construction. “Back in 2004-2005, [The Gulch] was nonexistent as far as what you see today. It’s adding to it and it will help support the businesses and economy locally.”

Powlas said the project brings a significantly large number of units compared to other residential developments in the area, offering a broad array of amenities; including a rooftop pool and 507-space parking garage.

“There are 360 units…that’s the biggest for my career,” said Philip Shepard, Project Manager at Hoar said. Come June 2022, the construction site will turn into one of the largest multi-family high rises in Nashville.

“I truly do believe we are improving the city for the better and I love that we’re now in the Gulch adding to this area, about to build another highly visible project,” said Shepard.

The luxury apartment community will accommodate floor plans ranging from one to three bedrooms while offering upscale living, improving the infrastructure on Division Street.

Despite potential setbacks resulting from a recent tornado outbreak and the current COVID-19 pandemic, Hoar has managed to keep the project’s timeline on track while generating approximately $9 million in savings through the firm’s preconstruction services program.

“Yes, it’s 24 months, but every day I see progress,” Powlas said. “I like that about my job. I like how, you know, I can look out there and say ‘we did this today,’ it’s pretty neat. It may just be one column or pipe, but we did it today and tomorrow we’ll do more and do better.

Topping out is expected in the Fall of 2021, with the building set to deliver in June 2022.

“This property will probably be a place some of the employees of these large corporations that have planted a flag in Nashville will live and they’ll be able to walk to their jobs on a daily basis,” Powlas said.

In a time of so many lows, Hoar Construction continues to build with high spirits and high hopes for what will soon become a high rise.

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