Three Ways Mock-ups Add Value to a Project

By Brandon Dexter and Jake Snyder

Would you buy a car without a test drive? Or a house without a walk through? When it comes to expensive investments, we want to be able to see, touch, and verify before making a decision. We feel our clients should have the same opportunity on their projects. There are so many decisions that our owners are often asked to make based on drawings. What happens if they change their minds after the work is done? Or if there’s a compatibility issue with two finishes? We have to make changes, reorder materials, and redo the work – all of which add expenses to the budget.

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Using Lean in Preconstruction

By Justin Brodnax and Jake Snyder, Preconstruction Managers

While we’ve been implementing a lean construction mentality in the field for a while, our preconstruction team in Austin wanted to adopt lean practices to make our processes run more smoothly. We started work in January 2016 and by early 2017 our team was using a version of collaborative planning to improve our weekly preparation. Learn More Using Lean in Preconstruction

Three Lean Practices to Help the Design Process

By Nikolas Fowler, Project Executive

When we’re involved early in the planning process, we can better help the team stay aligned with project goals. That’s exactly what one of our Texas multifamily teams is doing. By managing the preconstruction process, working with the design team to create deadlines for critical milestones, and providing cost information for target value design, we are ahead of schedule for an early construction start on a 292-unit garden-style apartment complex. Learn More Three Lean Practices to Help the Design Process

Asking “Why” Can Lead Us to More Lean Ideas

By Randall Curtis, Executive Vice President

The labor shortage is very real in the construction industry. Just this week the Associated General Contractors of America reported that 70 percent of construction firms nationally are having problems finding qualified workers. We’ve seen this on our own jobs as well. Learn More Asking “Why” Can Lead Us to More Lean Ideas

Talking Lean Construction with Next-Generation Employees

By Ashley Colburn, Director of SmartBuild

Lean construction is a term that started getting used around 1993 and addresses improving project delivery through schedule, costs, and quality. The term and methodology came about because there was such a steep decline in productivity in the construction industry. Lean construction takes lessons learned from “The Toyota Way” and other continuous improvement philosophies and focuses and adapts those lessons specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction. Learn More Talking Lean Construction with Next-Generation Employees


By Mike Waller, Project Executive

The construction industry is difficult – we manufacture customized products that are built exposed to Mother Nature with a team of hundreds assembled for a one-time effort/purpose. Tens and hundreds of thousands of pieces and parts come from all over the globe at the right time to fall into place in a massive jigsaw puzzle that must be completed in a defined timeframe. Learn More ADOPTING LEAN THE HOAR WAY