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Let’s use time-tested practices, but let’s find new ways too. Let’s be the best by always looking for better. Let’s embrace technology and look at it from a field perspective. Let’s figure out what really makes a better building instead of a prettier picture. We believe tools are for building better, and we don’t use them unless they make a difference. It’s about creating value, not marketing. When new tools improve efficiency, eliminate waste or increase quality, we take them to the limit. At Hoar, BIM means “Better Information Management” so why stop with 3D when 4D scheduling is available? And why not estimate in 5D? Or manage your facility from the model in 6D? Why stop striving to build better? In fact, why shouldn’t all “estimators” be modelers in this day and age? And why stop with “off-the-shelf” apps for iPads when you can create better ones that truly serve the field and improve the construction process?

We like to think of ourselves as principled experts, and part of that is recognizing true expertise is a moving target – we always have new things to learn. We’re experts not because we have all the tools, but because we take the time to figure out how to use them in the project delivery process from start to finish, to make a real difference in the end product. Better decisions, quicker. True value, real efficiencies, less waste. That’s what it’s all about. Having all the tools is good. Having people committed to figuring out how to build better is great.

One of the ways we get better is to always be students, and take every chance we can to be teachers. We want to make our clients, partners and industry better. So, join in on the conversation. If you want to see blogs on subjects near and dear to us, click on the Hoar Blog. Let us hear from you. Tell us what gets you excited about this industry. Teach us how to do it better. Let’s talk!