Meet 3 Emerging Leaders Who are Changing the Face of Hoar Construction

Sep 26, 2023

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Behind every great company is a team of even better people. We talked to two current Hoar Construction employees and a former intern about their experiences, the atmosphere of the company and why they recommend this career. Keep reading to learn more about their experience with the company, including insight on the atmosphere, culture and more.

Client-focused and process-driven

With more than 80 years in business, Hoar Construction is committed to its clients. This team knows the significance of seeing dreams come to fruition, which is why they serve as guides throughout the entire development process.

Some of the ways they prove client dedication is by:

Walking through sites with owners to discuss how to overcome potential challenges.
Offering alternative methods to help a project come in on budget if issues arise.
Making sure the delivery maximizes the owners’ return on investment.
Check out Hoar Construction’s website to learn more about the development process and values.

Future faces of construction

There can be an unnecessary stigma attached to the construction industry. No, construction isn’t only for men, doesn’t always involve getting your hands dirty and isn’t just for people with years of experience.

To help break these barriers, we spoke to two energetic employees and a former intern at Hoar Construction about their take on the industry.

Ellie Robinson

Ellie Robinson spent the past three summers with Hoar as an intern. Whether working on a project in the field or in the healthcare office, she shared how great it was to be a part of such a welcoming company.

“Hoar specifically is a great company because even though it’s a larger company, it still feels very small. Especially being a woman in construction, it’s easy to feel out of place, but Hoar pushes you to fulfill all of your potential.” – Ellie Robinson, Hoar Construction

Brooks Autrey

Field engineer Brooks Autrey explained that in a challenging industry like construction, the people you work with are just as important as the work you’re doing.

“The most important thing to know about Hoar is that it’s got the family feel that makes working easier. I love coming to work every day because of these people.” – Brooks Autrey, Field Engineer, Hoar Construction

Davis Wilson

Project Engineer Davis Wilson spends his days problem-solving, which is exactly why he loves working at Hoar.

“From a high-level perspective, construction is a problem-solving industry. You work directly with clients, partners and competitors. But if you go from top to bottom, there’s still problem-solving. Whether it be looking at construction details or figuring out how it’s going to be installed, there are detailed strategies from every perspective.” – Davis Wilson, Project Engineer, Hoar Construction

Why work with Hoar Construction?

What each of these employees reiterated was that Hoar Construction invests in you. The team knows that the best way to maintain the culture they are best known for is to set new hires up for success.

In doing this, every incoming co-op and intern is matched with an employee mentor and combines on-the-job training with schoolwork. They also spend time in each career path—project management, field operations and pre-construction. New, full-time employees are matched with a team of experienced professionals and given milestones to help achieve their career goals.

Hoar Construction continues to prove that this is what they do best—ensuring a strong future for the industry.

“Culture has changed a lot, especially in the construction industry. It’s becoming more accepting of everyone and Hoar is really good at recognizing that. They don’t expect you to know everything, they just want you to ask questions and be willing to challenge yourself.” – Davis Wilson, Project Engineer, Hoar Construction

Ready to dive into the culture at Hoar Construction? Check out their career opportunities.

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