Meet Our Experts: Allen Cravens

The people who plan, manage, and build our projects are all experts in their field, and an integral part of our company’s success.  Allen Cravens is a senior preconstruction manager with more than 15 years experience in the industry. Here’s eight questions to get to know him.

1. How did you get started in the industry?

My first job was in construction materials at age 13 and I never left the industry. I am from a small town and worked at the local hardware store. My father also developed and built property as a side job and my brother and I turned into his project managers when we weren’t working at the hardware store.

2. What’s your day-to-day look like?   

Busy — at any moment you’ll find me making calls to trade partners about bids and potential projects, completing quantity surveys on jobs in the preconstruction hopper, chasing leads from new and existing clients, or getting out ahead of coordination gaps and opportunities on each project we chase.

3. What’s the one lesson you’ve learned in this industry that’s stuck with you?

We build all over the US and the methods by which we and our trade partners complete work changes drastically once you cross state lines.  One of the best lessons I learned was that I don’t just need to know the scope and price.  I need to know where the material comes from, how it gets there, who handles it, who puts it in place, who cleans up after everyone is done, and ultimately how long all that takes. Having a complete understanding of what it will take to get the job done, down the finest detail, helps me deliver a budget our clients can depend on.

4. Describe the last challenge/problem you solved on the job?   

I found a way to speed up the submittal process on a design build project to make the process smoother and more convenient for a client based on their preferred methods of communication.

5. What’s your most memorable project?

Working on the Historic Federal Reserve in Birmingham, AL estimate.  It was a fun job with an amazing owner, Capstone Realty. The building had such an interesting history and unique features. We also had an exceptional team in place to perform the work.

6. What’s the best part of your job? 

People.  I get my energy from being around people and I have a blast being at work because I work with amazing people who I consider friends.

7. What’s your hidden talent? 

I can growl just like a dog.

8. What’s your best memory from your time with Hoar Construction? 

Finding out we won a hard bid and running down the hall blowing my duck call to let everyone know about it.