Jamie Whitten Research Center

Stoneville, Mississippi

The Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center is a regional research and administration hub for the United States Department of Agriculture. Here, occupants conduct genomics (gene mapping) and agricultural experiments.

The genomics and agricultural experiments are conducted with critical environmental control parameters. Some experiments have been under way for more than 20 years, and that research data would be lost if disturbed. Our job, planned as a seven-year project, involved renovating the 75,000 square foot facility while keeping it fully occupied and functional. Renovation includes demolishing and replacing the building’s skin, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems as well as a floor-by-floor replacement of all building finishes.

To accomplish our goal, the team developed a complex phasing plan, provided move management services, and installed temporary modular swing space to house the more than 300 scientists, clinicians, and administrative personnel displaced while their areas were renovated. As a result of our management efforts and efficiencies, the project finished two years ahead of schedule.

Stoneville, Mississippi

Department of Agriculture


Barlow, Eddy, Jenkins, P.A.



Square Feet



Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Systems Replacement

Roof & Exterior Skin Replacement

Complete Interior Finish Replacement

Parking Surfaces, Landscape & Hardscape Replacement

Renovations Performed While the Facility is Occupied

Phased Project Planned for 7 Years

Completed 2 Years Early

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