Tomochichi Courthouse Annex

Construction of a courthouse annex on historic ground requires coordination with owners, government agencies, & experts to preserve & salvage artifacts.

Working in a city as old as Savannah, GA, brings a new perspective to preparing for a construction job. The Tomochichi Courthouse Expansion Project is being built within the Savannah National Historic Landmark District, which dates back to 1733 when General Oglethorpe created the city plan.

Our client, General Services Administration, worked in conjunction with the State Historic Preservation Officer on a Phase I Archaeological Survey and discovered that there would most likely be artifacts in the footprint of our jobsite. To ensure this project complied with the National Historic Preservation Act, the GSA required us to conduct Phase II of the Archaeological Survey, which consisted of stripping and mapping the area. Our partner-consultant removed more than 3,000 artifacts from the site and took them back to the lab where they are currently being analyzed and curated. A full Management Report will be released to describe the site’s history and a recommendation on whether or not the site is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

The new U.S. Courthouse Annex design-build project will include bankruptcy courtrooms, judges’ chambers and suites, bankruptcy clerk and probation office personnel workstations, office support spaces, storage spaces, U.S. Marshals Services, joint use, as well as common and special spaces within the proposed new facility. The annex is on schedule to meet LEED Gold and SITES Silver requirements, as well.

The project also included 700 square feet of structured parking.


General Services Administration

Square Feet





Savannah, Georgia

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