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Why Demand is Still High in Multifamily Market

By Michael Parks, Vice President of Florida Division

In 2019 alone, we built, or are currently building, nearly 4,000 apartment units and many of those projects are for repeat clients. In fact, nationwide there are more than 600,000 multifamily units currently under construction. With that many new apartments about to come on the market, it might seem like the market is close to being oversaturated — if it isn’t already. But the truth is, our research shows the demand for new multifamily units isn’t slowing down. How is it possible that vacancy remains low despite the largest swell of apartment construction in recent history? Here are the main factors behind the continued demand for multifamily units, and one simple thing you can do to maximize your next projects’ return on investment:

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4 Ways Engaging Trade Partners Early Can Immediately Improve Your Project

By Turner Burton, President

We’ve already discussed early trade partner involvement in some of the earlier parts of this preconstruction series, but it’s an important enough topic to address in a separate blog. Our trade partners possess the majority of the talent and boots on the ground to perform the work. They are the ones who take a plan, embrace the schedule, and complete the finished product – who better to involve in solving the problems of how to build? Their involvement and commitment is crucial for a project’s overall success. We have found the best projects are the ones where we engage our trade partners early during preconstruction, long before the work begins. Here are four ways that early trade partner involvement can add value to any project.

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Make Your Project All Treats, No Tricks

By Parrish Pittman, Content Marketing Writer

What keeps you up at night? We can think of a few nightmare situations that could pop up on a project. Budgets running out of control. Dead, vacant structures haunting valuable properties. Unseemly site conditions lurking below the surface. It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine. But there’s no need to fear!  When you have a great team in place, a new project can be a dream come true. Here’s a few project nightmares that the right contractor, working side-by-side with your design team, can help prevent from ever coming to life.

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Convention Center Features That Help Book Events

By Brian Castleberry, Senior Project Manager

Every few years, our company holds an employee summit — two days for everyone in our company, from every job site and office across the country, to come together for training, development, and fellowship. To plan the event, we first must find a space that can hold 600+ people in one room with multiple spaces for breakout sessions. All the sessions involve presentations, so the space needs to offer audio/visual capabilities. Plus, we need a large enough pre-function space to set up information booths for employees to visit between sessions. Whether its corporate summits like ours, weddings, or trade shows, event planners have a list of amenities and features they’re looking for in a venue. So, how do you make sure your hotel checks all the right boxes to book the next big event? I’ve spent the last four years working on ballroom and convention center expansions and these are the most common features I’ve seen being added to modern meeting spaces.

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Hospitality Trends That Drive Revenue

By John Page, Director of Business Development

When you take a trip, there has to be an attraction drawing you to that particular location. In Orlando, it’s probably the theme parks and resorts. If you’re headed to Phoenix, you might have the Grand Canyon on your sightseeing list. The point is, wherever you travel, you have places to go, things to do, and a hotel room to sleep in at night.

Our hospitality clients are changing the way they build and renovate hotels in an effort to not only attract guests but give them reasons to stay longer inside the hotel. The simple fact is anything that keeps guests on your property can help drive revenue. Here’s some of the trends we’ve seen in hospitality projects to increase revenue and improve the guest experience.

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A Trusted Partner for Children’s of Alabama

By Parrish Pittman, Content Marketing Writer

May 23, 2009, we began a long journey with Children’s of Alabama to build not just a hospital – but a modern, sustainable building that would serve as a beacon of hope for sick children and their families. Three years later, Benjamin Russell Expansion Facility at Children’s of Alabama was complete. The project – the single largest hospital project in Alabama’s history – was over, but our partnership with Children’s of Alabama was just beginning to thrive.

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Meet Our Experts: Tom Underwood

The people who plan, manage, and build our projects are all experts in their field, and an integral part of our company’s success. Tom Underwood is the operations director in Atlanta and helps ensure our teams have the resources to keep our projects on track — no matter what challenges arise. Here’s eight questions to get to know him.

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5 Factors to Consider When Working on an Active Campus

By Jeff Light, VP of Division Operations

My first higher education project with Hoar Construction was building a new student recreation and wellness center for Abilene Christian University. Our client wanted to replace the outdated, existing rec facility which housed un-airconditioned gyms filled with a few punching bags and ropes for climbing. ACU enlisted us to help create a modern, state-of-the-art facility which promotes fitness and enhances student recreation activities. The project was a milestone for the school and was such an exciting experience to be a part of. A few years later, after completing several more projects together, we held a ribbon cutting and tailgate for the school’s first on-campus football stadium. Being on campus with faculty, students, alumni, and fans as we all celebrated the Wildcat’s first home football game in 50 years was an unforgettable experience.

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4 Ways to Make Your Job Site The Place People Want to Work

By Brady Johnson, Vice President of Operations

Have you every shared an office with someone? What kind of co-worker would you want working in a shared space? My guess is you wouldn’t want to work next to the person who leaves their desk a mess — papers, folders, even trash creeping into your area. What about their work habits? Someone who is always waiting until the last minute or preventing you from being as efficient as possible is sure to get on your nerves quickly. Anyone trying to do their job in that kind of environment would probably ask for a new office, or even a new job, before too long. For our trade partners, our job sites are their offices. And those same annoying habits that can drive someone crazy in a cubicle, can drive a trade partner to search for a new project. We’re in the middle of a labor shortage crisis in our industry, so losing even one trade partner could derail a project’s schedule fast. So, what’s the atmosphere like on your job sites? If you’ve never asked your contractor what they do to keep trade partners happy — you probably should start. Here’s 4 things your contractor should be doing to ensure your projects attract and retain the best trade partners.

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