Healthcare construction is unique — from the level of attention detail required to the coordination needed to safely work in an active hospital. Our healthcare experts are also using their experience to help clients and design teams find opportunities to make their future buildings adaptable and able to serve patients’ ever-changing needs for years to come. Here are a few articles from our leading healthcare experts on ways healthcare builders can add the most value, from preconstruction to close out  — click the each headline to read the article: 

1. Three Ways to Optimize Your Next Healthcare Project With Design Flexibility 

The speed at which new technology is developed and old technology becomes obsolete is incredible but can be very expensive for our healthcare partners looking to keep their facilities and equipment up to date. Not to mention, hospitals take years to build. That’s a challenge we, our healthcare clients, and our design partners face on every new hospital project — how do you plan, design, and ultimately build a hospital over the span of a few years when technology changes so fast. One of our healthcare experts explores how embracing design flexibility could be an answer.  

2. How Space Planning Can Make Healthcare Projects More Versatile 

This is a great follow up piece to the previous article on design flexibility. It dives deeper into how to actual space plan during design to ensure your hospital or medical building can adapt and change to meet your patients’ needs, no matter what. Our healthcare expert pulls from real life examples we experienced during the early months of the pandemic.  

3. How to Use Virtual Inspections to Improve Your Healthcare Project 

Healthcare projects require more inspections than just about any other market sector. Ensuring those inspections happen on time are crucial to both the schedule and ensuring project quality. But, whether inspectors fly or drive, an on site inspection can add cost and take a significant amount of time. Our healthcare experts explain how teams can use virtual technology to hold frequent inspections, saving the project but time and money.   

4. Four Trends Impacting the Healthcare Industry  

Our Healthcare Business Development Director shares his insight into the top 4 trends making waves in the healthcare industry now, and how that’s impacting healthcare construction.