Top Four Modular Construction Blogs

Dec 16, 2021 | Industry Trends, Insights

Modular construction is a building method that can deliver tremendous value on a project through time, quality, and efficiency. Our project teams and preconstruction leaders are finding ways to build faster, overcome labor shortages, and deliver on our client’s expectations by applying modular construction on projects where it can make the biggest impact. Here are a few of the top articles our experts have written on modular construction: 

1. Is Modular Construction Right for Your Project? 

  Modular construction is a great tool to add value, but it doesn’t make sense for every project. Our experts break down how to know if modular construction is right for your project.  


2. Why Current Market Conditions are Right for Modular Construction 

 Although it’s not a new building method, modular construction has stayed in the headlines for the past few years. Why? One of our preconstruction experts details why market conditions are prime for the lean building method.  


 3. Could Modular Construction Project Your Project Against Shortage Delays? 

 Labor shortages have been one of the top challenges plaguing our industry for a long time. Some markets are even more strapped for skilled workers than others. One of our preconstruction experts currently working in one of the most active markets in the country right now details how modular construction could help overcome delays caused by the labor shortage.  


 4. Why Healthcare and Modular Construction are a Great Match 

 Some of our greatest modular construction success stories have been on healthcare projects. Our healthcare experts explain why these types of projects are a great match for the lean building method, and detail the value it can deliver to healthcare clients.  

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