University of Memphis Community Health Building

Our main goal on any project is to deliver a quality product that exceeds the owner’s expectations and to have a satisfied client throughout the entire process. University of Memphis’ Community Health Building was certainly no exception.

The Community Health Building houses the Loewenberg School of Nursing (LSON) and Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) at the University of Memphis. This site is located on the south campus and is approximately five acres in size. The new facility is a 200,000-square-foot, four-story structure with a mechanical penthouse housing public clinics for the CSD and LSON departments, a large lobby, and a lecture hall on the first floor. Classrooms, offices, simulation, sound, research, and computer labs are located on the upper floors. Additionally, there is a 400 square-foot anechoic chamber at the third- and fourth-floor levels on the west side of the building, a library, roof terrace, and secure video computer control room and AV server storage on the second floor. Because this building houses CSD, significant emphasis was put on acoustical design and sound-isolating construction.

Given the size and complexity of the Community Health Building project, we assembled a qualified project team to manage specific aspects of the job including structure, skin, interiors, and MEP systems. Having specific area superintendents allowed us to promptly address issues that arose and to provide a manageable workload for each superintendent. The project staffing proved to be extremely beneficial as we worked through the late Winter/early Spring of 2014. Over a 5-month period, we experienced more than 80 lost days due to abnormal weather. Having an adequate staff with expertise in specific systems allowed us to be very creative and strategic in developing plans to keep the project on schedule.

Built to meet Tennessee Sustainable Design Guidelines


Tennessee Board of Regents

Square Feet



ANF Architects


Memphis, Tennessee

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