The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz Carlton South Beach project involved the renovation and expansion of the Di Lido Hotel, one of Miami’s most famous Art Deco structures.

Hoar Construction was hired to manage the completion of the project after another contractor defaulted. Part of the project involved adding three additional floors to the existing structure. Shortly after arriving at the project site, our project director discovered rebar protruding from the wall in a stairwell. Upon investigation, it became apparent the rebar had been placed inside the block making up the walls but these blocks had never been filled with concrete as was called for on the structural drawings. Further investigation led to the discovery that this was true for 95% of the structure. When the team discovered there were also steel beams missing from the structure, the challenge became to find everything that needed to be corrected. We discovered missing or cut anchors holding the windows in place and these had to be installed or replaced as well. We brought in an independent structural engineer to inspect the facility and make recommendations and we worked with the owner on the upgrades for the structure. As a result, the team delivered a quality product that matches Ritz-Carlton’s reputation for excellence.


Flag Luxury Properties, LLC

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Nichols Brosch Sandoval


Miami Beach, Florida

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