A New Day in Construction

Our Process

The construction industry is broken. For far too long, owners and contractors have accepted a tremendous amount of waste – from time to money to actual wasted materials – as just part of the building process. We’re here to change that.

Our goal is to drive more certainty in the construction process for our clients. Bringing us in early in the development lifecycle allows us to create a more coordinated and efficient client experience and a level of service above and beyond what you’ve come to expect. From preconstruction services in the design phase to construction and beyond, we’re here to improve the process.

Design Phase Management

Building is our business, but we’re more than builders. In order to help you reach your goals, we guide you through the entire development process.

When we say, “Always in process,” we mean we’re committed to improving the construction experience for our clients, based on what we’ve learned across market sectors as well as what we continue to learn. This process starts in the design phase, where we partner with our clients, architects, engineers, and even our trade partners to eliminate waste from the very beginning. We’ve walked sites with owners before the land has even been purchased to discuss feasibility and ways to overcome potential challenges.

Preconstruction Services

Design Phase Scheduling & Pull Planning


Constructability Review

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Soliciting Early Trade Partner Input for Design-Build Partnership

Site-Specific Safety Plans & Training

Construction Management

You can’t be in business for 80+ years without gaining some experience, but it’s how we improve our process based on what we’ve learned that counts. Our experience helps us deliver better value for our clients – on time, in budget, safe, quality projects. We’ve earned our scars, so you don’t have to. But our hard-won processes are more than a checklist. Every job has taught us something, and when we learn to fix mistakes or prevent them from happening, those improvements and efficiencies become part of our process moving forward.

As our client, you can expect regular contact with our team – superintendents, project managers, safety and quality experts, and beyond, to ensure we address any concerns head-on, the moment they arise. We provide transparency and communication on design updates and as-built specifications through our construction management platform. Our teams hold weekly safety meetings and huddle at the start of each workday to go over the work plan, so every person on the jobsite understands what needs to be accomplished to stay on track. In this business that’s so full of waste – wasted time, wasted materials, wasted money – our aim is to find and follow better processes each time we build to eliminate that waste and improve the construction experience for our clients and partners alike.

Reliable Trade Partner Recruitment & Management

Weekly Jobsite Inspections for Safety

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Checks

Risk Management Communication

Cost & Schedule Monitoring & Communication Updates

Operations & Maintenance Data Digital Delivery, Based on BIM

Training During Turnover & Staged Turnover


The relationships we’ve built show how our work and the experience we deliver satisfies and exceeds client and trade partner expectations year after year. Our process is what defines us. It’s not what we build, but how we build. Our process is what motivates us to continuously improve and how we keep focused on improving the industry for everyone.

Our Approach


Based on Lean construction principles and processes, SmartBuild® is a collaborative team effort where all project team members and stakeholders work together to plan, organize, and execute work for our clients with impeccable coordination, efficiency, and flow.


Preconstruction services go beyond estimating. By partnering early in the development process, we offer increased certainties, less waste, and can deliver projects with more efficiencies in scheduling, budgeting, equipment, and more.


Our safety approach focuses on the elimination of hazards to provide safer projects for our employees, trade partners, clients, and the public. This requires us to go beyond working cautiously around hazards and prompts a deeper commitment to incident prevention.


Quality construction begins with safe construction, and the process to get there begins well before construction starts. We use lessons learned from past projects as well as trends from our warranty program to help the design team select systems and materials that last.


While our approach to construction technology is progressive, we’re also practical. The bottom line in choosing to use a technology product or service, always, is whether or not a tool helps us deliver a better project and better value for our clients.


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