Airbus Engineering Center

Attention to detail has always been a hallmark of Hoar Construction. For the Airbus Engineering Design Center in Mobile, Alabama, this also included finding a way to give the new building the appearance of an old warehouse facility with hardwood floors.

For the Airbus Engineering Design Center, a structural steel frame building with a two-story curtain wall and a limestone veneer façade, the client wanted to replicate the same feeling of their facility in Wichita, Kansas. Located in an older warehouse district, the Kansas center features dramatic old hardwood floors. To accommodate the client’s request, our team installed traditional 3-1/2″ wide red oak hardwood floors. Then, to give them an aged appearance, we field sanded and stained them. Such attention to even the smallest of details ensures that all of our structures are built to the highest quality.

South Central Construction Award


Airbus Services Company, Inc.

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Perkins + Will


Mobile, Alabama

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