Hoar Construction was selected to provide preconstruction and construction services for this resort-style, mixed-use project in Alpharetta, Georgia, an affluent suburb of Atlanta. Hoar was the only contractor interviewed from outside the Atlanta area, but North American Properties chose Hoar because of our “cutting edge technology” and proactive approach to working with the total design team to develop and maintain a workable project Pro-forma.

North American Properties needed a contractor who had a national reputation for delivering quality projects and whose culture and work ethic mirrored that of their own. They wanted a project team experienced in mixed-use development construction. In addition to retail, office, theater, and multifamily space, Avalon contains three parking decks and the development and design team requested direction from Hoar on the type of decks to build. After comparing several different design scenarios including some below grade and others above, we recommended using pre-cast concrete structures for all three decks. With the dense usage proposed for the site and the limited amount of lay down area available for building the parking decks, using pre-cast allows us to maximize the speed of construction of the deck structures and minimize the potential for conflicts with site access and other trades. As an added benefit, there were three to four highly capable pre-casters in the Atlanta area, which contributed to very competitive pricing. While the project was extremely challenging, working hand in hand with the team proved to be very successful.


North American Properties

Square Feet



Wakefield Beasley & Associates


Alpharetta, Georgia

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