TCAT Advanced Manufacturing Building

​This project will construct a new advanced manufacturing building and renovate portions of two existing TCAT buildings on the TCAT Chattanooga / Chattanooga State Community College main campus.

The new building includes new parking, site development, landscaping, and utility infrastructure. It is located near the existing TCAT buildings off the Main Campus Pond Loop Road. The two-story building includes space for Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial, Medical Assisting, and Computer Support programs. Spaces will include classrooms, high bay labs, classroom labs, offices, and related spaces. HVAC systems will be designed for the laboratory areas to provide continuous ventilation for all laboratory areas to meet codes and fume hood ventilation requirements. Renovations will include several spaces in two existing TCAT buildings. These renovations will primarily take place in industrial lab spaces and classroom spaces. Renovations will include relocation of interior walls, minor changes to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, new finishes, and related work. The project will meet the state’s High-Performance Building Requirements (HPBr).


Tennessee Board of Regents

Parking Spaces



Barber McMurray


Chattanooga, Tennessee

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