Yupo Synthetic Paper Plant

The success of any project depends on constant communication and was certainly a factor at the Yupo Synthetic Paper Plant in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Working with owner’s reps whose only language is Japanese might be a challenge to some, but to Hoar it is just another measure of our partnering spirit.

This had never been more apparent than when building the Yupo Synthetic Paper Plant in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. This massive project consisted of a 20,000 square-foot office building, a 160,000 square-foot plant building, and included 10,000 cubic yards of concrete. It also had a very defined completion date determined by the owner, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The owner had 25 reps on site, all Japanese, who initiated more than 500 changes during the construction of the project. The mix of cultures and large number of changes demanded a high level of cooperation and communication to ensure every team member stayed on the same page. This dedication to communication helped the entire team work together seamlessly, developing a true sense of partnership and camaraderie.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America

Square Feet



The Greenwood Partnership


Chesapeake, Virginia

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