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Top Ten Blogs of 2022

As we kick off the new year, here’s a look at the most popular blogs of 2022.

1. Can Your Hotel Be Converted Into Apartments: 4 Factors to Keep in Mind

This blog consistently stays at the top of our most read blogs week after week. John Goodner and Tim McLaughlin break down what you need to know if you’re considering taking on an adaptive reuse project to turn an existing hotel into a profitable multifamily property.

2. The Ongoing Multifamily Construction Boom

When will the bubble burst? Right now, there is no end in sight to the ongoing high demand for new multifamily construction. Ripley Bickerstaff details the driving factors behind the construction boom that isn’t slowing down and offers insight on how to make sure your project stands out from the saturated market.

3. 2022 Construction Industry Outlook

Our president, Turner Burton, begins each new year by sharing his predictions for what issues and conditions will impact our industry the most in the coming months.

4. 2023 Construction Outlook: Stability and Diversity are Keys to Success

As you can see, his annual outlooks are some of our most read content. The 2023 outlook broke into the top 5 almost as soon as it was released. In this latest prediction, Turner shares details on a few key markets that could offer more stability for our industry this year.

5. Multifamily Trends: Condo Developments on the Rise

Whereas the luxury condo market seemed non-existent in some major cities even just a few years ago, right now demand is high, and the market is hot. Matt Storey breaks down the factors driving the construction trend and best practices building high-end condos in highly populated urban areas.

6. Steel Price Surge and Historically Long Lead Times: What it Means for Commercial Development

Post-pandemic, our industry saw the price of steel surge and its lead times multiply. Randall Curtis shared insight on the market conditions, impact to projects, and solutions to overcome the significant challenges the price surge created.

7. Can Your Office Building Be Converted Into Apartments: 5 Factors to Consider

You may notice a trend here — the demand for multifamily is extremely high and that’s created several new trends within our industry. In this piece, Scott Evans explains how the significant shift in the office sector post-pandemic, combined with the multifamily demand is inspiring some developers to look at converted existing office space into more profitable apartments.

8. Market Sector Demand Drives Construction Growth

Turner Burton checked in mid-year to update his market outlook. Specifically, he detailed three markets in high demand that were driving growth within our industry: multifamily, higher education, and healthcare.

9. Is Chattanooga Tennessee’s Next Best Investment Opportunity

Months before we expanded our Chattanooga office, Will Gaither offered insight into why the need for growth was necessary. In this blog, he details the considerable opportunities for developers looking for more mid-size investments in a highly sought-after area that is affordable and profitable.

10. Overcoming Ongoing Volatility in Construction

If Turner Burton’s industry outlooks highlight the challenges facing our industry, this piece dives into the many ways our industry has consistently overcome those challenges to remain active and successful.

Bonus: Envision Equity: Recruiting More Women to Construction

Research showed that between 2020 and 2021, the construction industry was one of the only industries to actually increase the number of women on the payroll. Kacie Lynn James discusses why it’s critical our industry continues to recruit more women to roles in construction, and how we can improve our efforts to do so.


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