Hill Center

Faced with an extremely cold and rainy winter during construction of Hill Center, keeping work on schedule became a cause for concern. Our experience working throughout the country in all types of weather prepared us for this challenge.

Based on past retail experience throughout the country, completed in all types of weather, the team initiated innovative procedures to level the playing field with Mother Nature. First, we placed a binder course of asphalt paving throughout the project site. The asphalt kept the work areas dry and free of mud, and allowed all trades better access. This solution proved particularly beneficial to the masonry subcontractor for erecting his scaffolding. As an added solution for our masonry sub, we developed a “tent” procedure to allow the sub to continue work during the cold and rainy seasons. Tenting provided an enclosed, heated area for the masons on each elevation. With the tent in place, masonry work continued unimpeded by the weather – and we maintained the established schedule.

638 Space Cast-In-Place Parking Deck

South Central Construction and ABC Excellence in Construction Awards


H.G. Hill Realty Company

Square Feet



RTKL Associates, Inc.


Nashville, Tennessee

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