The Shops of Grand River

The Shops of Grand River represent 350,000 square feet of building space, and Hoar was tasked with managing the interior fit-up construction for every inch of it. Specifications for the interior package work changed substantially during the project, but that didn’t deter us from completing it on time.

With the economic slowdown, tenant leases were finalized later in the process than usual, and information on tenant requirements became available about three months later than needed. This caused the schedule to become even tighter. The interior package work specifications changed substantially during the overall project. Initially, expectations were to replicate each unit’s interior finish details identically, but it quickly became evident that 65 truly unique spaces were desired, with details varying on everything from doorknobs to bathroom fixtures to air conditioners. Each item involved different pricing, coordination, and time, which would necessitate extremely tight project management to prevent further delays. Hoar Construction has never missed a Grand Opening date, and we weren’t going to miss this one either. We dedicated additional team members to carefully manage the fit-up details to ensure accurate and timely completion, turning what might have been significant lost revenue for the tenants into a grand success for them and the developer as well. According to Charlie Tickle, chairman and chief executive officer of Daniel Corporation, which developed the project, “A project of this magnitude in these difficult times is very close to impossible. It was incredibly difficult to get out of the starting gates. It absolutely blows my mind that they got it done on time and on budget.”

One LEED Certified Building


Daniel Corporation/US Steel

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CMH Architects


Leeds, Alabama

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