University of Houston Science Teaching Lab

The University of Houston is focused on achieving tier one status and the Science Teaching Laboratory Building is part of their campus facility plan to attain that goal. Part of that plan involved construction of a new science teaching facility and we were selected as part of the team that would deliver the project.
The initial program called for approximately 88,000 square feet. However, functional needs demanded 20,000 square feet of research space be added without exceeding the project budget. As design-builder, we worked closely with UH and the design team to evaluate and select building systems that could economically achieve quality standards and effective lifecycle costs. As a result, we were able to reduce project costs while still meeting all expectations, including developing an alternate design that added the desired research space for a total project size of 106,000 square feet. Because the alternate was still within the initial project budget, UH elected to move forward with the revised larger program. The options analysis was conducted prior to the completion of DD documents. Despite the increased scope, final buy-out was still about 7% below the initial GMP.

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